The Monarch Airlines Essential Guide to: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Flying out to Croatia this summer on Monarch? Roving reporter Mark Southern reviewed the marvels of Dubrovnik.

As originally published in Passport Magazine by Monarch Airlines, 2016

The walled city captures the imagination with regal splendour, whilst Game of Thrones fans will recognise many of the locations here.


Nestled at the foot of Southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is a stunning city on the Dalmatian Coast, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, perfect for romantic breaks and cultural weekenders.


The old town’s famous fortified walls, built in the middle-ages, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with great shopping and dining options spilling out onto the cobbled streets inside. Meanwhile, the harbour offers trips around the beautiful bay.


Dubrovnik is a year-round favourite, but best times to visit are between April and October, when the usually excellent weather allows visitors to enjoy the open air restaurants and coffee shops. Outside this season, you’ll find less cruise ships in port, giving you more time and space to enjoy the breathtaking views.


Take a walk around the full city walls to appreciate the beauty of the city and the bay, making sure you take time to follow any hidden doorway that takes your eye. Take a trip across the harbour to explore the myriad of beaches and lagoons, to see the walled city from below to appreciate its majesty.



Join a tour guide to find out more about the city’s incredible history, full of glory, back-stabbing, revenge, lust, and conquest. Book onto a Game of Thrones tour, to see where the hit TV show is filmed.


£££ St Joseph’s Hotel

With its original stone walls, St Joseph’s is a lovingly restored luxury boutique option, ideal for romance, with a relaxed and homely feel. Set in the old town, and within a five minute walk of all major attractions.

££ Hotel Bellevue

Built into the cliff edge, and with its own sheltered beach, this stylish spa hotel is a short walk into the famous old town, and is a wonderfully relaxing resort in its own right.

£ Hotel Kompas

A family friendly and stylishly minimalist hotel set outside the city walls, with plenty of buses going back and forth. Great value for money, with a view worth a lot more across the Adriatic.


Dubrovnik has a whole host of wonderful eateries, from outdoor cake and coffee on the cobbled streets, through to out of this world fine dining amongst the towers overlooking the Adriatic.
360 Degrees is a Mediterranean/Croatian fusion experience, set high in the walls. Konobo Dalmatino serves traditional local food in a lovingly restored period house.


As originally published in Passport Magazine by Monarch Airlines, 2016.