It’s Not You, It’s Me: ME London Hotel Review

Mark Southern discovered the hidden thrills of Foster and Partner’s first interior designed luxury hotel, ME London.

As originally published in Tempus Magazine, 2017

How do you deliver surprise in a city as been-there-seen-it as London? It’s a question that ME London answers with a deeply evocative blend of lusty architecture, style, and possibly the best champagne cocktails with a view in town.

The hotel is the first Foster and Partners building designed inside and out, orbiting around its centrepiece lobby. Looming nine stories high, the futuristic glass pyramid soars geometrically into the sky, refracting back a full spectrum of light across its marbled floor.


A brooding sexuality flows through the veins of the dark corridors, concealed doorways, and sensual curvaceous sculptures, creating an enigmatic space of undiscovered pleasures. It’s this pulsating illicit nature that drives the energy throughout the hotel, which captures imaginations immediately, and doesn’t let on its safe word to let go.

Rooms are slick, sleek, and tech-savvy, with flashes of white and cream Jackson Pollocked amongst the inviting black undertones. Bathrooms are sumptuous and relaxing, with classic touches, whilst the range of gadgets to play with across the suite can sometimes become confusing.


Food is of high quality, and nestled within its embrace is the always wonderful STK, with the curiously zesty Jumbo Lump Crab Salad still a must-try, whilst its reassuringly European Cucina Asellina, serves a calm breakfast in the middle of the hustle.

However, it’s the Radio Rooftop Bar that will get most plaudits, with good reason. Overlooking the city, the 360 degree panoramic bar promises atmospheric heights, and delivers a deeply pleasurable climax to any day with its deep sofas and spacious bar. Serving an imaginative range of cool cocktails amongst the strong wine list, the wide open terrace enjoys outstanding views, and a nicely chilled ambience.


As retreats in the centre of town go, there are few more that hit the spot.


As originally published in Tempus Magazine, 2017. For the full article click the below image.


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