British Airways First Class Review

After a difficult few years, BA is back, and has launched its new First Class service.  They’re claiming it’s the ‘Best First Class in the World’, but does it soar or plummet? Mark Southern buckled up himself to put the bold boast to the test. 

 As first published in The Exchange Magazine, 2011

British Airways’ new First Class service has launched across a small number of planes in its fleet (as always with BA, its size is both its biggest asset and its number one Achilles heel as what it makes up for in routes it loses in its nimbleness in making changes).

So what of the new First Class? Well, it’s mostly very good.

The biggest new innovation by a long chalk is the comfort of its seats, which hydraulically drop down to a flat bed using a dial on the control panel. In pretty much any of the 90 degrees in between both extremes comfort is absolute, and there’s plenty of legroom to spread out into.

Service is mostly excellent and friendly – hopefully the days of haughty BA cabin crew are long gone – and you’ll feel rested and suitably VIP at the end of your journey.

There are some things that perhaps could be improved (the technology and entertainment feels a bit Eighties, whilst food is not perfect) but overall this is an excellent experience, and one worth labeling ‘first class’.

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The Flight Record

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